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Why Join Our Community?

A Word From Our Founders!
“I decided to build Open Box Thinking because I was concerned about the levels of censorship I was witnessing across the internet. Especially from the big giants who I WILL name here… (Google, Facebook basically every main stream media outlet!). It is ok I am free to speak here :).

The censorship was particularly bad around a few subjects like alternative medicine, spirituality, Vaccines, and Climate Change.

I witnessed anyone with any opinion that did not match the mainstream narrative get attacked, ridiculed, abused, and bullied by other members. Then once the administrators were finally alerted to the problem they then removed the content or even worse banned the sharer from the group or platform.

Does this sound familiar?.

We will not tolerate this here. We want open discussions. The freedom to share information. We also have a mission to archive what we can before that information is censored out of existence!.

We all have a human right to have an opinion or a view that is our own, to know the truth or even have access to balanced information so we can make informed decisions. To openly talk about any matter close to our heart. To be a critical thinker. The internet has always worked like this until very recently when the big companies (who the people trusted with their data) started to abuse their powers!.

We only ask that our members respect each other and follow our community rules.

This platform is for you. For everyone!. Thank you for being here!”.

“Open Box Thinking is very important for younger people!.
As a young person myself I am witnessing the censorship on Social Media going through the roof. For example, I can’t share anything I want to, without it being declared as “fake news” by Facebook or being called out as a “conspiracy theorist”. This platform is critical for the hidden truths in our society, where young people like me are only being shown one side of the story. Hopefully on this platform we can offer a suitable place to share every side of every story and with this information we offer you to come up with your own conclusions without being influenced by completely bias sources and online censorship. The team here at OBT believe this is a crucial time to allow the free flow of all information to all ages and with the youth being targeted more than ever it is the perfect time to offer this free platform. We hope you enjoy using it.”
“Open box thinking is a place where everyone can have a voice, a voice to express freely what they feel and think, a place where you can share important and factual documents and content that is now quickly being censored from popular search engines and social media platforms like google and Facebook. We have a right to freedom of speech, and so long and we are being respectful i don’t see why we should be silenced.
I cannot wait to see open box thinking grow into a space where we can share and find information with like minded people”

We will only remove content that is in breach our community rules. We do not tolerate hate speech or extremism.

Absolutely not. You can sign up with an alias. We encourage anonymity. In the past this was how the internet worked. We only ask that you use a valid email address so you can get notifications.

Open Box Thinking is 100% free. There is no catch. We are passionate about the cause and want to build a grass roots community. A community that will support it’s self. We have not set out to make profit or sell or share data with anyone. We have a mission and that is our motive!.

Important Further Information

Can you help us? – We really need your help now to build this community. To make a home for all the oppressed and all those who don’t have a voice. To permanently archive that great source. Please invite your friends and let the world know there is a place here for everyone!.

We want to document, archive and permanently store as much important information as we can. If you have some information to share that holds value for the community and is in the public interest to know, please share it with us. We are actively archiving as much as we can on and offline so it can always be restored and shared if needed.